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About JArmor

Italian researchers from various companies with years of experience united by the sole will and belief that the quality and effectiveness of a product are superior to any law and commercial need. This leads us to create only exclusive products for exclusive customers, for whom their health and well-being are not compromised! If you are also one of these, we welcome you to our world!


Our History

A categorical refusal for any commercial world!

Jarmor Nutrition and Jarmor Cosmetics are two lines of the J.Armor brand owned by Advanced Chemical and Medical Enterprise. Born in Turin in 2005 from the founding partner Anacleto Panaccione. The goal was to bring together brilliant minds from the food and functional cosmetics sector to research and create products that were truly useful for improving daily well-being and our permanence in this world.


Discover the secrets of nature day by day and how it could improve our life. A direct link between past and future, ancient knowledge of unconventional and alternative natural medicine and current research. Without compromises related to fashions and commercial needs. A work and research philosophy that has always led us to pay the utmost attention to the study and choice of ingredients unique in the world for purity and functionality. When you buy a Jarmor product it means that you have years of research and a selection of the highest quality in every detail.

Our Expertise

The best experiences from all over Europe
The productions of our exclusive formulas are assigned to a careful list of European laboratories, each highly specialized on the basis of the ingredients and forms used. Italian, Spanish and English laboratories divided into the production of functional foods, supplements and cosmetics. This is to always give you the maximum nutritional and sensory cosmetic experience.
70% of the ingredients used are produced in Italy.


Our Commitment

We will always remain with our beliefs.
Profit is not our goal and life philosophy, it has never been and will never be! A Jarmor branded product is a distinctive and unique sign of sacrifices, research and benefits never acquired and will remain so for years to come. This is the reason why we create a very selective and careful sales network in Europe, the United States, Arabia, Oceania and Africa. Because our customers all over the world are special customers. and You are one of them?

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