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Biological functional cosmetics based on Italian snail slime

J.Armor Snail Slime is a natural and functional cosmetic line based on snail slime, with regenerating, moisturizing and relaxing properties.

The mucopolysaccharide commonly called burr is produced by the snail's glands and is composed of different nutrients such as collagen, elastin, glycolic acid and allantoin which have a regenerating and protective effect on the skin.

Collagen: has a tonic action on the skin, making it softer and hydrated.
Elastin: is a protein that nourishes the elastic part of the skin thus keeping it.
Glycolic acid: stimulates the purification of the skin by exfoliation and promotes the production of collagen inside the tissues.
Allantoin: stimulates the regeneration of skin tissues, promoting the elimination of dead cells and the replacement with new tissues, always maintaining a radiant skin.

Snail drool naturally contains many substances that are typical of the epidermal tissue or that promote its support and nourishment, such as the presence of vitamins and minerals.

The viscosity of the snail slime recalls the elasticity and tonicity of healthy skin.

What are the advantages of using a snail slime-based serum or cream?

Regenerates : the presence of allantoin allows dead cells to leave room for new ones and makes the skin radiant and radiant, greater production of elastin and collagen.
Nourishes : it has a high nourishing and emollient value and leaves the skin soft and smooth, important for preventing the formation of wrinkles, especially on the skin of the face.
Purifies : the glycolic acid and peptides present counteract the onset of impurities in the face and leave the skin free of toxicity.

Antioxidant : the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E counteracts inflammations and the formation of free radicals, the main cause of skin aging.

Our snail slime cosmetics allow you to keep your skin clean and regenerated and at the same time hydrated, going to repair the tissues where wrinkles have formed or where the incorrectly hydrated fabric has lost its tone. A real protective shield!

To better finalize the functional effect of the formulas, we have enriched them with vitamins and extracts of organic plants that complement their cosmetic effect.

The extraction of the snail slime takes place without causing any damage to the snails.

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