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Keto Wheight Loss Vegan supplement

Adjuvant ketogenic diet, purifying and slimming

promotes the conversion of fats into energy

Ideal food supplement in a purifying and slimming ketogenic diet.

Its ingredients promote slimming and weight control.

Ketosis promotes the body to burn deposited fats after metabolizing all the sugars available. To carry out metabolic activities, our body metabolizes the carbohydrates found in the blood, once exhausted the body is forced to resort to energy supplies present in the form of deposited body fat.
100% natural active ingredients, without dyes or GMOs. Suitable for vegans.

Active principles:


Green tea extract: rich in polyphenols and bioflavonoids, stimulates the metabolism of fats


Medium chain triglycerides: saturated fatty acids or MCTs useful for maintaining a healthy weight


Magnesium and Zinc bisglycinate: important minerals for regulating sugar levels and liquid retention


Chromium picolinate: useful in promoting weight loss and reducing body fat


Vitamins B6 and B12: Vitamins essential for the metabolism of fats and proteins.


Caffeine: gives energy, reduces appetite and stimulates the metabolism to burn more fat.

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