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Micellar water make-up remover snail slime ing 1

Micellar technology that allows to capture residues, sebum and resistant makeup without the need for water.

Waters or micellar solutions are cleansing cosmetics capable of capturing and removing all particles, even the smallest thanks to the micelles.
Micelles are molecules that act like magnets, composed of surfactants capable of incorporating the impurities deposited on the skin even in depth and which therefore do not need water to perform their action. Simply wipe the skin with a soaked swab, including eye and lip contour. Micellar water removes, cleanses and soothes, without affecting the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, leaving it perfectly clean, soft and luminous. Thanks to plant extracts, vitamin B5 and rose water it has a double effect. In addition to cleaning, it nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin.

Centifolia rose water: soothes, hydrates and makes the skin soft and velvety. Strengthens the defenses of the skin barrier and performs a purifying action. Suitable for all skin types.

Aloe vera: rich in mucopolysaccharides that retain water. Effective in the treatment of dehydrated skin. It has an extraordinary ability to deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin. Aloe also has an anti-allergic, anti-redness, soothing, anti-aging and regenerating action

Calendula: rich in triterpenes, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, this plant is widely used to combat inflammation of the skin

Hamamelis: soothing and stimulating microcirculation useful for those whose skin is prone to redness

Vitamin B5: helps prevent skin aging and wrinkle formation

Cleanse and remove make-up without water

200ml  6.76 fl oz

Main ingredients : Centrifugal rose, Aloe barbadensis leaves juice, Panthenol, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Avena sativa kernel extract, Snail slime purified extract, Hamamelis virginiana leaves extract. Plant extracts from organic agriculture


Skin: all types of skin


Does not contain : Parabens, sls, sles, nickel, petrolatum, ogm, gluten, silicones

Production: made in Italy

Italian centigoglia rose water

Italian calendula extract

Calendula officinalis flowers

Italian aloe vera juice

Aloe barbadensia leaves

                               vitamin b5

Purified extract of Italian snail slime


Avena sativa Kernel extract

Hamamelis extract

Hamamelis virginiana leaves

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